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Are delivery issues giving you headaches?

Docker Transport can help.

Quality Distribution Logistics to support your business so it can thrive.

We're taking last-mile logistics a step further by offering all-encompassing managed delivery services that improve business efficiency. Here are the ways Docker Transport supports it's clients with the best delivery services available in Western Canada.

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Quality Delivery Services

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Booking Agents

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Proactive Management

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Happy Customers

The Docker Effect


• Supply high-quality delivery teams that are trained and managed by experienced leaders, in accordance with our client's operating procedures


• For businesses to engage a new delivery partner that heightens the customer experience and raises the bar on service expectations


• Pricing structures that allow for predictable delivery costs and outcomes


• Promotion (and protection) of your company's brand


• Internally managed performance of your logistics services with a dedication to ongoing process development


• Active support from Docker offices, for streamlining the flow of information between your business, its customers, and our Docker delivery teams


• Clearly defined points-of-contact for service requests, customer inquiries, and escalations


• Uniformed delivery teams & brand ambassadors

Execution Strategy

Our execution strategy incorporates service-driven management from our head office and ground-level management from passionate leaders. Qualified personnel and a highly proactive approach to managing deliverables is the key to our success. Centralizing the communication side of logistics ensures that every employee, customer, and client receive exactly the type(s) of support they need.

Docker Transport works closely, like a partner, getting involved with clients to identify measures that can be taken to improve processes and service. Escalations are handled systematically and professionally by a management team that is truly unique to the delivery industry.

The Docker Difference

The moment you start working with Docker, you will discover our niche approach to client service. Our management style goes above and beyond to cater to your businesses' specific needs. For more information on Docker's effective service strategy,

contact us today.


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Work Chat


Did we change our delivery company? I've never seen so many compliments from my customers! Everyone is impressed.


I found their card on my desk and booked a call, it was easy! Docker really understood our challenges and addressed them. 


Thank you! I'm even getting more referrals lately. Must be from all the happy customers. 


Delivery Service Options

building construction

Multi-family & Construction 

Docker Transport teams has all your multi-family delivery covered. Delivery teams are equipped with PPE, fall-safe training, and fall-safe equipment. Docker crews provide efficient, professional, and safe 5-ton delivery of appliances, furniture, or anything to structures undergoing construction. 


residential white-glove delivery

Docker Transport provides the white-glove delivery experience your customers expect when making a large purchase from your business. Professional booking agents and loyal delivery teams make for outstanding customer experiences. 

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large scale  projects & setups

From office towers, to hotels, to universities, any campus delivery is planned and executed with care. Docker Transport assembles delivery trucks & efficient teams for your large-scale project-delivery needs. 

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business to business


Docker Transport handles your commercial clientele in the same dependable and caring manner as found in our 'white-glove' consumer delivery. Our service will foster the long-term nature of your business relationships.  

Experience the Difference that Docker Makes

"Docker Transport is the best partner we have ever worked with. Their continued commitment to meeting our needs is the reason we continue to leverage their fleet to grow our business."

Director of Logistics

Large Appliance Retailer

"I remain impressed by the teams you have in place in the Okanagan. We have had minimal noise from this region since Docker took over our deliveries. What noise has come up has been proactively dealt with, or offered assistance to ‘make it right’ very quickly."

National Distribution & Logistics Manager

High-end Appliance Manufacturer

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